Snowboarders on Venice Beach: S3 Supergirl Jam This Labor Day!

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on August 31, 2009 10:59 am

Could there be a bigger contrast in style and ethic?  Steps away from the no-neck, pill-poppin’ bodybuilders of Muscle Beach on Venice Beach, top female snowboarders will compete this Labor Day weekend in the S3 Supergirl Jam.  The S3 denotes the uniqueness of this event, with comps in surfing, skating, and snowboarding.  Venice Beach is undoubtedly a place for the first two, but snowboarding?

More than 80,000 pounds of snow will be piled up on the beach for a rail-jam competition unlike any other.  Hollywood screenplay writers love a fish-out-of-water themed story.  Well, could there be any bigger fish-out-of-water than snowboarders on the beach?  Combined with the event being juxtaposed to Muscle Beach?  If only Rod Serling could be resurrected from the grave, as the Supergirl rail-jam will be the biggest Twilight Zone visual of the year.

The stage is set, but what of the actresses?  Winter X Games 13 slopestyle medalist Chanelle Sladics of Mammoth (pictured right) will be there.  Surf goddess Kassia Meador will hit Venice Beach’s Breakwater.  And the most decorated female in X Games history, 7-time X Games gold medalist Fabiola da Silva will compete in the $2,000 best trick comp for inline skaters.

World class athletes, with 1/100 of the testosterone of their Muscle Beach counterparts, will be displaying 100 times the skill!  Free for fans, it’s all going down this Labor Day at Venice Beach.  It will be a ruling time.


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