World Heli Challenge Final Results After Insane Downhill

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on September 8, 2009 10:20 am

Good things get resurrected.  Mt. Waterman ski area was resurrected after being shut down for six years.  Jesus was resurrected (allegedly).  And now after eight years of lifelessness, the World Heli Challenge was resurrected in Wanaka, New Zealand.  The one-of-a-kind comp was a grand success.  No second death for the World Heli Challenge!

This past Saturday, the third and final event, the VnC Cocktail Downhill brought the sport of skiing and snowboarding back to its primal camaraderie.  Two racers start at the top of the ridge, first one down wins.  No gates, no rules.  Absolute craziness ensued.  The speeds were just absurd.  

VnC Cocktail Downhill Results:

Ski Mens
1st Ted Davenport (US)
2nd Geoff Small (NZ)
3rd Geoff Vince (France)

Ski Women
1st Jackie Passo (US)
2nd Janina Kuzma (NZ)
3rd Ingrid Backstrom (US)

Snowboard Mens
1st Ralph Backstrom (US)
2nd Andy Finch (US)
3rd Darren Powell (Australia)

Snowboard Women
1st Maria Kuzma (NZ)
2nd Susan Mol (US)
3rd Amber Schuecker (Australia)

FINAL RESULTS for the World Heli Challenge:  Ted Davenport (Men’s Ski), Andy Finch (Men’s Snowboard), Janina Kuzma (Women’s Ski) and Maria Kuzma (Women’s Snowboard).

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