Cricket Rail-Jam Invades the West

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 15, 2010 9:00 pm

            Are you as sick of trying to fit skiing into your school schedule as the rest of us? Well forget about the trouble. Cricket Mobile is back in 2010, making it possible to beat the traffic, by going directly to the heart of campus for their Rail-Jam Tour.

            After the success of last year’s event, Cricket Mobile geared up for round two of their tour and this time with no exception, even for places in the desert! After hauling in thirty tons of snow, Tucson’s own University of Arizona campus was set for local riders to flaunt their skills in front of the whole campus.

            U of A was the second stop of the tour and caused a lot of commotion among students. Especially considering how hard it was to miss a gigantic tour bus parked in the middle of campus assembling a makeshift terrain park out of scaffolding. It took the crew a day to get the course put up. Which consisted of two boxes, one rail, and a quarter pipe-type box at the end. By noon on Friday, it was nothing less than a legitimate party (as should be expected at U of A on a Friday), with the heat of the desert helping to make bikinis optional attire for female competitors.

            For riders, participation included a signup for either skiers or snowboarders and a $27.00 insurance fee. After that, anything went except for back flips, which they made sure to highlight in bold, on the waivers. Being hampered by a high ankle sprain, I was unable to compete, but watched on jealously. It was a true rail-jam format, with different heats for the riders, mixed in with a raucous crowd similar to what one might find at a concert. For a lack of truer words, it was a one of a kind atmosphere, probably only rivaled by that of the X-Games.

            After three hours, the event packed it in much to the dismay of the crowd, and began dismantling its equipment. Promo tents got their last few customers, as frat brothers pegged one another with snowballs that would become elusive in about two hours. The Cricket Tour made its brief hiatus in Tucson, before shipping out to its next stop in Tempe, at ASU. For more information, or to find out if Cricket’s Rail-Jam is coming to  a school near you, make sure to check them out on the web. Or else you might have to hope for a round three in 2011!