2012 Sheffield Adventure Film Festival Program Announced for March 9-11

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 17, 2012 11:26 am

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival has just released its 2012 program for the upcoming weekend event that takes place on March 9-11 at Sheffield’s art deco Showroom Cinema, which just so happens to be the UK’s biggest independent cinema outside London. This year’s line up is bigger than ever with 75 of the best adventure, travel and extreme action sports films featured throughout the festival. 

Skiers and snowboarder are going to be stoked by the hand picked line up of two extra special ski and snowboard screenings in addition to two feature length films. Audiences will get to enjoy some of the season’s blockbusters including Sherpas Cinemas, All.I.Can and Red Bull’s Art of Flight. The weekend will also feature the British premiere of Path of Roses – A Girl’s Skiing Episode in Kashmir in the Environment/Culture Screening.

Matt Heason, the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival Director had a record-breaking 230 films to select from, proclaiming, “I’m amazed how the entries get stronger and stronger every year.  I reckon I was downloading around 10GB of film a day in the run up to the submission deadline.  I’m really excited about this year’s program. Climbing films are traditionally strong but this year the ski and snowboard films have blown me away.  We’re holding two separate screenings as well as showing two feature length ski films.  We’ve also created a new viral prize category to reflect the huge increase in popularity of video sharing.  And so people can pack even more into their weekend we’ve programmed an hour long ‘Adventure Bites Loop’ of the best shorts that people can slot in between the usual two hour multi-film, themed screenings.”     

New for this year’s festival is an awards category for ‘Best Viral’ to reflect the surging popularity and quality of shorts posted on You Tube and Vimeo. There is also a new ‘Adventure Bites Loop’, which will be an hour long repeat screening of the festival’s best shorts. Last year, the Extra Young Adventurers showing completely sold out! To remedy this issue, there is now going to be an afternoon matinee in addition to the Saturday and Sunday morning showings. Finally, there were so many ski and snowboard film entries this year that they had to add additional screening to accommodate the huge response!

While snow is always a popular form of precipitation for action sports filmmakers, there is something for all tastes in this year’s screening line up, talks and lectures as well as some family-friendly Young Adventurer Showings. The Showroom Cinema, where the films will be shown boasts a super comfortable bar/cafe that will feature live music to mellow to between events. There will also be a photo and video competition, exhibits, a charity auction on behalf of Community Action Nepal, 2nd hand kit sale, massages by Global Therapies and a ton more!

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Ski & Board Films 1 (104mins)
Sat 10 Mar – 13.00 – Screen 2 (tickets: standard prices)
This Is My Winter - 26 minutes 

Follow big mountain snowboard legend Xavier de la Rue through a whole season.  Includes a hair-raising 4 hour descent down one of the most mythical ski descents in Chamonix, the 3,700m Aiguille de Plan.
Pillow Line - 5 minutes
An amazing, amusing short that uses an innovative stop motion technique to show the world of skiing in a whole different light.   Ski the pillow line without ever getting out of bed.
Ski Guides of La Grave - 12 minutes
La Grave is unique. Up high, a small ski lift serves a piste on the glacier. Apart from that, there is nothing or close to nothing … just off-piste, ski-touring routes down 2000m of pure mountain.  The area’s four ski patrollers explain their light-touch approach and their passion for protecting this one-of-a-kind ski experience.
Solitaire - 52 minutes
A poetic celebration of back country skiing and snowboarding in South America.  The hypnotic Spanish narration (based on Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness) and hauntingly beautiful ski and board sequences reel you in to create a real connection between the sport and its natural environment that makes this film stand out from the crowd.

Ski & Board Films 2 (99mins)
Sun 11 Mar – 13.00 – Screen 2 (tickets: standard prices)
A Downhill Affair - 13 minutes
Is it possible for two people to both live the dream and stay happy together? In ‘Downhill Affair: A Love Story’ extreme skiers Molly Baker and Zack Giffin admit that the one thing that could bring them closer could tear them apart.
The Freedom Chair - 15 minutes
Josh Dueck was an aspiring skier and coach until a ski accident left him paralysed.  Not content with his comeback winning a silver Olympic medal in downhill sit-ski racing, he craves the thrill and freedom of backcountry skiing.
The Man And The Mammoth - 7 minutes
A charming, witty animated short in which a caveman discovers skiing thanks to his friendship with a wooly mammoth.
Being There - 55 minutes
The world’s best freeskiers filmed in HD by a passionate ski-mad film-crew in mind-blowing locations, Being There is a behind the scenes look at the production of an adventure ski film.

Feature Films
All I Can (84 mins)
Sun 11 Mar – 19.30 – Creative Lounge (tickets: 2/3 prices)
All.I.Can is a two-year feature film project aiming to make the connection between skiing and the environment skiers enjoy.  Whilst unashamedly green it’s not preachy – facing up to the paradox that logging, mining and cars allow skiers access to some of the most beautiful areas in the world.  Inspirational ski performances and ground-breaking cinematography celebrate nature in all its glory.
The Art Of Flight (88 mins)
Sun 11 Mar – 17.00 – Creative Lounge (tickets: 2/3 prices)
Big-budget, feature length, Hollywood style, adventure/travel documentary drama of epic proportions that focuses as much on the process of making a snowboard movie as about snowboarding.

Environment & Culture Films (104mins)
Sun 11 Mar – 12.30 – Screen 1 (tickets: standard prices)

includes British premiere of ski film:
Path Of Roses – A Girl’s Skiing Episode in Kashmir - 25 minutes
Female free ski mountaineers meet the Himalayas.  Austrian skiers Eva Walkner and Katharina Schuler explore the unique ski culture, untouched powder slopes and colourful villages of the Kashmir, a paradise for freeriders.