Après-Ski Cocktail Classic

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 26, 2013 11:14 am

Apres Ski Cocktail Classic

Plan a trip to Aspen March 14-17 for some off-the-snow cocktail action. The first ever Après-Ski Cocktail Classic will be held at the new Westin & Wildwood Snowmass Resorts and venues throughout Aspen, CO.

The event celebrates the union between après-ski and craft cocktails featuring some of the biggest names in the industry. There will be appearances by star mixologists and brand ambassadors including Tony Abou-Ganim, Steve Olson, Ryan Magarian, Aiden Demarest, Matty Durgin, Mitch Bechard and Charlotte Voisey.

Some of the events include a Grand Tasting Village, a Private Reserve Room, seminars, pop-up bars, parties, an Après-Ski Pub Crawl and much more. For full event information, ticket sales and lodging packages please visit www.apresskicc.com and be sure to check the event’s facebook  page for up-to-the-minute additions.


The events are as follows:

Opening Night Party

Grand Tasting Village – Grab your snifter and sample through a treasure trove of premium spirits, cocktails and toddies.

Private Reserve Tasting – A sampling room of some of the finest reserve spirits in the world ranging from aged cognacs, scotches and beyond. Limited attendance.  (Ticket price: $110)

Wake-Up Smart Smoothie Bar & Hydration Station – Start the day right with blended smoothies made with fresh DRISCOLL’s berries, protein & vitamin boosters and fresh squeezed juices. Or, take away a DRISCOLL’s berry-infused Perrier at the hydration station.

Buena Vista pop-up bar – The Perfect Irish Coffee – Join Charlotte Voisey and Tony Abou-Ganim behind the bar as they whip up this famous Irish classic in the “Buena Vista Cafè” style!

Après Club @ The Overlook – A Lounge for VIP pass-holders and industry.  Wireless internet available.  Light food.  Coffee provided by Handsome Roasters.

Fireside Chats -Late-night sessions with some of the icons in the booze business.

The Great Après-ski Pub Crawl (featuring Irish Whiskey) – Participants with an Après-Ski Cocktail Classic passport can imbibe in Irish whiskies, Irish whisky cocktails and other great Après-Ski libations throughout Aspen.  Complimentary cocktails during your Apres Ski excursion!

Seminars include:

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee – Learn the intricacies and flavor differences of coffees from around the world in this panel of coffee experts. Taste coffees side-by-side and see how roasting and terroir affects flavor. You’ll walk away with a whole new appreciation of the bean.

The Right Glassware for the Right Drink – Did you know that the glassware can dramatically affect the flavor and taste of a spirit.  Maximilian Riedel, the CEO of Riedel Crystal, will guide you through a tasting of spirits in different glassware to show you just how dramatic the difference can be.  Featured will be Riedel’s Reposado Tequila glass, Single Malt Scotch glass, and VSOP Cognac glass.  Participants will take home a set of the glassware.

Gin… it’s not just for tonic anymore – With the resurgence of gin, there are now dozens of new gins around the world and with it comes a whole new world of gin cocktails (and even artisanal tonic waters.)  Join our panel of gin brand ambassadors to taste this new world of gin and gin cocktails.  Speakers to include Steve Olson, Charlotte Voisey, and Ryan Magarian.

Cheese Fondue & Raclette with Champagne Pairings – What’s Après-ski without the Nordic tradition of cheese fondue and raclette?  Join Executive Chef Jim Butchard (Cloud 9) and Master Sommelier Sabato Sagaria (Little Nell) to sample cheese fondue with an assortment of foods along with raclette.  Both will be paired with champagne.  Come hungry and come thirsty!

The Terroir of Cognac – Take a walk through the hills of cognac in this exclusive tasting of some of the finest cognacs and armagnacs along with some historical anecdotes. You will walk away with a whole new appreciation of this noble spirit.

Craft Cocktails at Home – Making crafted cocktails can be a little intimidating for some people. Join Aidan Demarest & friends as they guide you through tips and techniques on how to make killer cocktails at home.

Tiki Time – It’s Tiki Time in the Snow! Join Matty Durgin will walk you through some classic tiki cocktails, the plethora of rums and pay homage to our tiki grandfathers: Trader Vic & Don the Beachcomber.

Haut Hot Chocolate – Learn how to craft the perfect hot chocolate and some of the intricacies in choosing your chocolate.  Also included are a few tips on making your own accoutrements.

A Taste of Scotch and Scotch Snow Sports – Join us for an entertaining taste by Mitch Bechard, Glenfiddich Ambassador. You will start off with an interactive tasting of Glenfiddich 12, 15 and 18 year old expressions along with tales from Mitch’s home country, Scotland, where legends were made on the slopes and in the taverns below.  Well, mostly in the taverns….

Tour of Scotland through Single Malt Scotch Tastings – Take a trip through Scotland on this tour as you taste through single malt scotches from all parts of the region.

The Punch Bowl – Punches are becoming the new, retro-hip drink du jour.  Charlotte Voisey will walk you through how to craft seasonal punches for any time of year.  Punches are easy-to-make, very flavorful, beautiful and are a great way to start off a party.  A must-see for those that like to entertain at home.

Whiskey, Whiskey and more Whiskey – Bourbon … Irish Whiskey … Scotch … Canadian Whisky … which is better?  Who was first?  Join this lively debate along with some tastings and discover for yourself … whose is better!?

Hot Toddies 101 – Mulled Wines … Hot Buttered Rums … Tom & Jerry’s  … Hot Scotch Toddy … is your mouth watering yet?  Join Tony Abou-Ganim in this demonstration of how to make some classic Hot Toddies, what spirits are best to use during the wintertime and some quick tips on making them for dinner parties or events.

A Wee Dram of Irish Whiskey – Brand Ambassadors from around the world serve as your Irish whisky sherpas as they lead you to the summit of Irish Whiskey nirvana.  They will navigate you through a tasting of Irish Whiskeys, its history and how it’s made.  If you love Irish Whiskey, a not-to-be-missed event.


Tickets range in price from $31 – $365