Shaun White Hosts Heavenly High Rollers

Posted By: Erin White on April 9, 2013 4:46 pm

An eclectic group of the best snowboarders around gathered at Heavenly for the Heavenly High Roller Hold ‘Em this past Saturday. The flying tomato himself, two-time Olympic gold medalist Shaun White, hosted the event that combined the excitement of big air snowboarding with strategy in a high-stakes poker match. In the end, it was Tahoe local Chas Guldemond that emerged victorious taking home the big cash prize.

DSC8897 0441 650x432 Shaun White Hosts Heavenly High Rollers

The first hand was clinched by Ian Thorley after he nailed his Cab 900. He was followed up by Sage Kotsenburg who won the second hand with a gnarly backside 1080. Pat Burgener closed out the first three-hand round with his win after landing a backside double cork 1080. Burgener and Kostenburg were killing it with the highest chip totals, so they automatically earned a bid to the five-man final table.

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The rest of the athletes continued to enter the second three-hand round where Chas Guldemond took the first hand mastering his double cork 1260. Mark McMorris followed suit with a frontside double cork 1080 for the second win, and Eric Willett grabbed the last hand with his Cab 1080. Willett and Guldemond secured their spots in the finals with their high amounts of chips in Round 2, but Gjermund Braaten was able to snatch the last luck-of-the-draw last-chance qualifier round with a sweet Cab double cork 1080.

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Guldemond took home the $23,000 chip pot at the final table in the second hand of the finals after drawing a king of diamonds and nailing a backside double cork 1260. While Braaten took the first hand landing a Cab 900, he ended the battle in second overall in front of Willett.

High Roller Hold ‘Em results

1st – Chas Guldemond

2nd – Gjermund Braaten

3rd – Eric Willett

4th – Sage Kotsenburg

5th – Pat Burgener

DSC0011 1554 324x488 Shaun White Hosts Heavenly High Rollers

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