Long Beach Pyramid Rail Jam 2012 Footy

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 15, 2012 2:41 am

Long Beach Pyramid Rail JamThis past Thursday, February 9th, 2012 was CSULB Snowboard Team’s first ever… scratch that… first ANNUAL Pyramid Rail Jam. The California State University, Long Beach shredders have wanted to hold a rail jam at their school’s unique pyramid gymnasium ever 
since the club was first created about 15 years ago. Their dreams have finally come true.

The competition featured a box, up-rail, straight rail, double rail, a corrugated barrel, and a bonk. After the second heat, the course was rearranged to create a large up-down rail to take advantage of the space and bust even bigger tricks. Ryan Stenberg (A.K.A. Super-Stoked) who is one of the team captains, said he was “super stoked with how it went.” 

Near the end, about half the riders were jumping over and clearing the 10-foot box in the center of the set-up. Prizes were awarded to the top three riders as well as several other feats such as: Best Crowd Pleaser, Most Stylish Trick, and Best Wipe Out. The prize packages consisted of skateboards, headphones, shirts, and much more. However, many riders were less interested in the prizes 
and more entertained by the fact that they were finally snowboarding on the school pyramid!

Mike Real, a member of the CSULB Snow Team exclaimed, “this was an AWESOME event and it is just a small example of what the snow team can really do. I loved every second of it and I’m glad I got to help out with painting the features and participate in tearing it up.” Another member of the Snowboard Team, Kristen Damron, decided to wear a skirt while she was riding. After the comp she said, “it’s funny cus’ I hardly ever wear skirts in casual life, so this was kinda hilarious.”

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The event was a huge success and definitely raised awareness of the university’s snowboard team, which will encourage more riders to join next year and replace the soon-to-graduate team captains. Hopefully there will be more rail jams like this next year… and the following year… and the following year.


Words and images by Todd MacInnis