Jimmy Cochran of the “Skiing Cochrans” Wraps Successful Ski Career

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 30, 2012 11:59 am

Jimmy Cochran completed his final slalom race yesterday at the Nature Valley U.S. Alpine Championships held at a very sunny Winter Park. The skier is moving on to his next chapter of his life after a successful 9-season career, with highlights that include being a member of the 2006 and 2010 U.S. Olympic Teams, racing in three World Championships and earning four U.S. titles.

The two-time Olympian is a proud member of the legendary “Skiing Cochran’s” family. Jimmy’s grandfather Mickey Cochran was the U.S. head coach back in 1974. His father Bobby Cochran and two aunts were all Olympians, and his cousins Ryan Cochran-Siegle (who captured the 2012 Junior World Championships downhill title) and Robby Kelley are current members of the U.S. Ski Team. 

Jimmy Cochran was poised to close out his professional skiing career with one last slalom win at the Nature Valley U.S. Alpine Championships on Thursday. He had an amazing opening run victory, but during the finals hooked a tip and lost the crown to teammate Tommy Ford.

After the race, Ford expressed his feelings about earning the crown. “It would have been great to see Jimmy come down competitive in the final, but things like that happen in slalom. It would have been more exciting for me if he would have been able to finish today.”

While Cochran was obviously disappointed by the day’s ending, he is well-aware of the nature of his sport, saying, “I’d like to do that one [his final run] again but that’s ski racing.” He went on to explain, “For sure this is bittersweet, there’s always more you want to do with your career, more that you want to accomplish, but I feel incredibly fortunate in being able to have ski racing as a part of my life.”

Now that his professional skiing career is behind him, Cochran plans to return to school and spend time working at the family owned ski area in Vermont. The Cochran’s also operate their family maple syrup business – Slopeside Syrup.

Despite missing out on a final victory, Cochran leaves the team with no regrets.

“As for my career I had a great time, really fortunate, I feel like I have been living a charmed life the past eight years I’ve been doing this. I met a lot of great people and traveled to a lot of great places. This isn’t a bad place to end it, nice day, nice people and a nice hill. I think I did my first race as a ski team member on that hill right over there so it’s a good place to do the last one too – full circle.”