Recon Instruments Introduces iPhone Compatibility to their Cutting-Edge MOD Live HUD Goggle Technology

Posted By: The Ski Channel on November 23, 2012 12:27 pm

Recon Instruments - HUD POV

Vancouver-based Recon Instruments has just released a major update to the their award-winning Heads-up Display (HUD) technology. Already on the cutting edge, the Recon MOD Live HUD system allows action sports enthusiasts to stay dialed in while on the mountain, pairing the user’s goggle display with their smartphones via Bluetooth. Since its initial release, the system would only accommodate Android-enabled devices. Earlier this week, the company announced the debut of ReconOS, the new software upgrade that invites iPhone-owners (iPhone 4s & iPhone5) to the HUD party. ReconOS has been launched in conjunction with Engage, Recon’s enhanced website and mobile applications

“The release of Engage is what all iPhone users of our HUD technology have been waiting for. Until now, only Android smartphone users have been able to take advantage of the SMS, caller ID and music control functions offered by our HUDs. We are excited that iPhone users now have these game-changing features available to them.” said Dan Eisenhardt, CEO of Recon Instruments. “These features are a big part of our completely new Engage platform”. 

The new software is available for download a the company’s website.


The package includes capabilities for iOS users, but also upgrades the user experience across the board. Recon’s brand-new Radar app utilizes the HUD’s built-in precision GPS sensors to give the wearer access to their current location, and lets them track their friends on the slopes using a 3D interactive resort map. With a simple click of the HUD’s wireless remote, users can quickly switch between views without even needing to take off their gloves! 

Radar View: provides a high-level snapshot of the resort and shows the user’s location and points of interest. GPS ensures the resort maps load automatically from the bank of 600 maps stored on the HUD.   MOD Live GUI screens - Radar
MOD Live GUI screens - Perspective  

Perspective View: gives the user a closer view at the resort maps, facilitating navigation in real-time. The angle of view on the interactive map adjusts with the user’s every head movement.

Compass View: for backcountry skiers and riders away from the comfort of a ski resort, the compass view allows them to navigate the traditional way, wherever they are on the mountain.   MOD Live GUI screens - Compass

The new Engage platform implements smartphone applications for both Android and iPhone users, allowing them to view and upload trip information to the Trip Viewer. After a day of fun on the mountain, Recon users can review their daily stats, and re-live their exploits from the slopes. The Engage platform also integrates access to the leading social networks, so users can share their accomplishments with all of their friends and followers. 

Along with the Trip Viewer, Recon’s Engage platform features apps that provide streamlined access to user’s text messages (SMS), caller ID, and music controls.    

Check out this video to learn more about the new additions and features: