Loving Life at Big Red Cats

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Typically early December is the month that most catskiing operations start building a base. Not this winter! Big Red Cats located at the base of Red Mountain in Rossland, British Columbia is having a banner season already and it’s barely even started. With over 200cm on some of their peaks, this winter is looking like it’s gonna be the one at Big Red Cats.

We had the opportunity to get out sample the goods on December 11, 2012. Our crew of powder aficionados were blown away with the coverage, quality of snow and the amount of terrain accessible for this time of December. One of our skiers, Tommy Frey thought this trip would just be a day of getting warmed up for whats in store this winter. With ALL of Big Red Cats terrain opened up, Tommy and the rest of the crew were able to get on it and have some fun. Loving Life at Big Red Cats

Tommy Frey getting after it! As you can see Big Red Cats has plenty of steeps.

One of the great things about traveling to different skiing operations is getting to meet people with the same passion about skiing that you have. On this trip we were fortunate enough to ski with Stephanie Gauvin a Rossland Artist who can rip! Stephanie works her skis with the same precision she uses her paint brushes, exact and with such beauty.

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Stephanie Gauvin making this Powder field her canvas

 Loving Life at Big Red Cats

Big Red Cats pimped out snowcat can transport 13 of your closet buddies into 19,300 acres (8 mountains) of sweet, varied terrain in the Monashee mountains. They serve up day-trips and multi-day packages with lodging at Red Mountain ski resort.

 Loving Life at Big Red Cats

This was my 5th time at Big Red Cats and I can honestly say it was like skiing late January snowpack, Incredible! As you can see in the video, anytime out in the mountains skiing pow with good friends is as good as it gets. I can’t wait to get back up there again next month.

Make sure you put Big Red Cats on your bucket list, http://www.bigredcatskiing.com/

Photo credits:Werner Nenecker

For more on Stephanie’s artwork http://www.artiststephaniegauvin.com/

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