4 Days 4 Resorts – A long weekend in Michigan

Posted By: Epic Planks on January 22, 2013 11:08 am

We are kicking off Season 2 of Epic Planks Germination with an edit from our own backyard in Michigan. We just wrapped up visiting 4 Michigan resorts in 4 days with athletes Sam Zahner, Danny Arnold, Bryan DePauw, and Mike King…..along with a few other friends.  We had a hell of a time and appreciate the hospitality that we received at each stop along the way!  

Day 1: Nubs Nob - Huge thanks to John Curtis for hooking us up and showing us a great time.  We had a blast at Nubs as their park exceeded our expectations.  Nubs Nob is without a doubt one of the premiere spots for park skiing in Northern Michigan.

Sam Zahner - Nubs Nob

Sam Zahner at the Nubs Nob park.

Day 2: Schuss Mountain (Shanty Creek Resorts) – We had a blast at Schuss Mountain even though we ended up skiing in the rain and fog.  We are looking forward to making our way back to Schuss later in the season to revisit the Big Air Launchpad and to see the new Monster Energy Park. Thanks for the hospitality Chris Hale.

Bryan DePauw - Schuss Mountain

Bryan DePauw at Schuss Mountain (Shanty Creek Resorts).

Day 3: Cannonsburg – Had a rowdy day at the best terrain park in the Grand Rapids area.  Marc Moline continues to execute a great vision as the Burg ups the ante every year.

Mike King - Cannonsburg Ski Area

Mike King at Cannonsburg Ski Area.

Day 4: TR Parks (Timber Ridge) – Amy & Luke Schrab made us feel at home as we spent time hitting the biggest jump in lower Michigan.  This perfectly shaped kicker allowed our guys to go huge at TR Parks!

Sam Zahner - Timber Ridge

Sam Zahner stomping his first Dub Flat 7 at TR Parks (Timber Ridge Ski Area).

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