X Games Aspen Big Air & Slopestyle: Word of the Weekend – Triple Cork!

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 24, 2013 1:22 pm


The X Games are officially underway today and has everyone amped as this is one of the most anticipated competitions of the season. Yesterday everyone had their first shot at the best Big Air jump yet and these athletes aren’t wasting anytime. Switzerland’s Elias Ambühl definitely set the tone with his impressive triple cork, which is the most talked about move to be performed at the Games this year.

The biggest difference between this year and previous years is that the Big Air Jump is finally big enough for skiers to throw down triple corks, which have never been landed by a skier in the X Games. While there may have been a drought before, it is expected to switch to a storm of triples in the Ski Big Air contest on Saturday night.

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Last year was pretty flat and the jump wasn’t amazing for skiers,” exclaimed U.S. skier Bobby Brown, who won gold in Big Air in 2010 and 2012. “You saw Mark [McMorris] and Torstein [Horgmo] do triples, but I think this year it’s definitely going to happen. It’s going to happen in qualifying, I’m sure.”

‘Triple’ is truly the word of the weekend as snowboarders Mark McMorris of Canada and Shaun White of the U.S. are expected to attempt triples in the Slopestyle competition for the first time ever. McMorris, further commented on the triples with “I think it’s pretty much guaranteed that people are going to be doing triples in Slopestyle. There’s triples going down already on the second day of practice, and the semis haven’t even started. So it’s going to be a wild one.”

Tune into the Men’s Snowboard Slopestyle Eliminations are 3 PM – 5 PM EST and Ski Big Air Final from 9 PM – 11 PM EST all on ESPN.