Introducing Alpine Meadow's Mile-Long Terrain Park

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 12, 2013 3:26 pm

The ultimate terrain park experience has arrived at Alpine Meadows in North Lake Tahoe. The latest mile-long park features everything a park enthusiast could imagine, including jumps, jibs, wall rides, hips, and much more. Jonahs David, Alpine’s Terrain Park Manager, and Corley Howard, Snow Park Tech Project Manager, designed the incredible run displaying over 40 features.

“I’ve always liked the idea of a long park with a ton of options,” commented David. “Our goal is to have a top-to-bottom park that rivals any other park out there. We are trying to match our world-class terrain with a world-class terrain park.”

The mile-long terrain park is so unique that it’s the only one in Tahoe and features unique jibs that can’t be found anywhere else. The designers were creative with their approach to features, using recycled snowmaking pipe for some features making the park a little greener. Other features currently installed include a huge S-rail,

canon tube, wrecking ball, hitching post, oil drum, and scattered rails and boxes. The park is heaven for experienced riders as they can choose from so many different lines making this one of the most advanced and challenging parks for new tricks. 

David has worked countless hours with his crew and SPT to guarantee the best flow and positioning throughout the run’s entirety. Him and his on-site crew will continue to work 24/7 constantly testing features and switching them out to keep the park exciting and challenging throughout the season.

“Our goal is to provide many options with a good flow,” stated David. With the hard work and ambitious attitude he has towards the project, David will absolutely bring a whole new level to the terrain park world.