Teens Experience First Snowcat Skiing Adventure at Big Red Cats

Posted By: Freeride Chronicles on February 13, 2013 1:48 pm

After spending many a day over the past 20 winters in the Canadian backcountry with my posse of ski buds I have always wanted to get my daughters out to experience what I love, Powder skiing and the mountains. So when the opportunity came along to bring my teenage daughter Hannah out on a snowcat adventure you better believe I scooped it up. Big Red Cats based in Rossland, British Columbia offers Kids who are twelve and older the opportunity to experience cat skiing for their first time.

Freeride Chronicles - Big Red Cats

After this run, Justin Meredith is now hooked for life!

Freeride Chronicles - Big Red Cats

Sydney Frey getting first tracks

This is the perfect first step introductory into the world of backcountry powder skiing. So with this in mind we gathered up a few family ski friends between the ages of 12 and 17 years old and booked a trip with Big Red Cats. For the entire month leading up to this road trip all the kids could talk about was this adventure. To say these young first timers were excited is an understatement! 

Freeride Chronicles - Big Red Cats

Big Red Cats Guide Kieran Gaul taking the kids through the tranceiver training.

February 8th –The 5am the wake up call goes off and its time to get the group of teens rolling out of bed. Normally to wake them up takes a few wakeup but this day, one “get up” is all it took! We arrive at Big Red Cats base of operations and fill out all the necessary paper work and then were off to the staging area. As parents our worries were quickly put as ease as we saw how the guides put safety first from the moment the kids arrived at the Big Red Cats pick up point. It all started with a safety and transceiver lesson p

reparing the kids for the first powder experience.

Freeride Chronicles - Big Red Cats

Hannah Legasa getting her powder shred on!

Big Red Cats offers first timers the ability to ski runs in the 20 degree range with very little risk of an avalanche, so the riders feel comfortable quickly. This is a great pitch to start out on even if you have not had much powder skiing experience. Our day started with some gentle, wide open runs and quickly moved up to some easy glades with widely spaced trees.

Freeride Chronicles - Big Red Cats

Cooper Herby dropping into his line

Throughout the day the guides gave the kids powder skiing tips and a helpful hand after the occasional fall. By the end of the day, the kids were skiing some advanced runs linking one powder turn after another even getting a few nice airs.

Freeride Chronicles - Big Red Cats

Justin Meredith blasting it

Living is about Life lessons and this memorable experience has been etched into these kids mind. Skiing and boarding are lifestyle sports and Big Red Cats has transformed another resort skier into a lifelong powder skiing enthusiast.

Freeride Chronicles - Big Red Cats

12 year old Sammie Gaul charging hard

For me it was especially rewarding to Pass the Torch and see it come full circle. These kids are hooked! I'd imagine there's plenty more trips in store for this group to Big Red Cats.


Video link- Teens Cat ski Adventure


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