SPINW Implements “The Sports Mindset Gameplan” Techniques with Windells Academy

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 14, 2013 1:14 pm

Trainers of the Sport Psychology Institute Northwest are implementing the tactics set out in the recently published book, The Sports Mindset Gameplan, by SPINW Director Brian Baxter. The program will feature student athlete skiers and snowboarders of Windells Academy in Mount Hood, Oregon.

The Sports Mindset Gameplan combines instruction, questions, and goal setting through an interactive workbook format designed to complement technical, tactical, and physical training. Progressing through the workbook allows for the personalization of the sports psychology techniques as they pertain to each athlete in skateboarding, snowboarding, and skiing. This will encourage the formulation of long-term self-confidence in their training and competition.


Jimmy Yoo, SPINW trainer, is working on executing the Competitive Skills Training for Athletes Program (CST), which is designed to enhance the overall performance of athletes through mind conditioning techniques in order to boost mental sharpness. Training includes looking inward through the use of confidence building techniques like teaching visualization techniques, focus and self-talk, breathing techniques, goal setting, and time management.

Yoo is known for working with athletes in a range of stages in their athletic career and competition, including individuals transitioning in and out of the sport, such as athletes on the road to recovery from an injury planning their comeback to competition.

SPINW is the highly reputable provider of mental game training in athletics in Portland and the Northwest. SPINW serves a wide variety of people involved in athletics, including athletes, teams, clubs, coaches, and parents.