Freestyle Snowboarder Chelone Miller Dies at 29-Years-Old

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 8, 2013 1:32 pm

On April 7th, 2013, the ski and snowboard world lost a beloved member of its community. Chelone “Chilly” Miller passed away in his sleep Sunday, reportedly not waking up after an epileptic seizure. Born in New Hampshire on August 26, 1983, Chelone was a progressive freestyle snowboarder, loved by fans and friends alike. He was found dead in his van Sunday in the Mammoth Lakes, California area.

A dirt bike accident in 2005 left Chelone in a coma for 11 days; in critical condition, seizures were reported frequent on his road to recovery. Details are still unfolding.

The Mammoth Mountain team rider was the younger brother of Olympic gold medalist, Bode Miller. As a part of The Ski Channel family, Chelone and Bode starred in our film, The Storya film celebrating those who devote their lives to the mountains.

“He loved life so much,” brother Bode Miller told The Ski Channel. “It made him easy to love and easy to be around. I’m going to miss him a lot.”

Going big as usual in the 2009 Superpark. Photo: Sean Radich

Chelone going big as usual in the 2009 Superpark, Mammoth Moutain. Photo: Sean Radich

“I shot this photo of him on the mega 100+ footer at Mammoth back in 2009′s Superpark, which he won the Gatorade Outstanding Award,” said Australian photographer Sean Radich. “That was the moment he gained some real attention. I was staying at his house during that time… I have never witnessed such a gnarly, devil-may-care attitude before… or since.”

As a dear member of the Mammoth Mountain community and one of its most progressive riders, the town mourns his death today:

“I am heartbroken by the death of pro snowboarder, Chelone Miller,” said Mammoth Mountain ski resort CEO, Rusty Gregory. “Today, his loss fills us with tears and sadness, but his life and the art he exhibited on his board filled us with joy. He was, and will forever be, a part of our Mammoth Mountain family…”

Born and raised in a humble home in Easton, New Hampshire, Chelone was most comfortable in the snow. Growing up on skis with his siblings, Chilly grew a deep respect for snow sports. Riding alongside his older brother, Chelone dominated the slopes in backcountry, boardercross and slopestyle.

In an exclusive interview for The Story film, Chelone talked about a deepened relationship with his brother Bode after he landed in the hospital:

“After my accident, we became a lot closer, because I think he realized he could lose his brother at any given point…”

Bode and Chelone stared in The Story, and shared their close relationship with the audience. Photo: "The Story" film by The Ski Channel

Bode and Chelone stared in The Story, and shared their close relationship with the audience. Photo: “The Story” film by The Ski Channel

Chelone reminisced of his childhood and his newfound love in The Story:

“All of us started on skis as soon as we could walk. I started snowboarding when I was 9. I just immediately fell in love with it and was like, ‘I’m gonna be a snowboarder.’ I just wanted to go bigger and bigger, and look for a bigger jump that I could hit. It feels like you’re flying for that much longer.”

Conquering massive jumps that might as well be mountains, Chelone constantly pushed his limits to boost a little higher every time. Recognized for his inspirational airs, Chelone was named Snowboard Magazine “SuperPark Standout” of 2009. His backcountry style was just as exemplary as his slopestyle as he was featured in Warren Miller film, Playground.

“I wouldn’t say snowboarding is all I live for… but I do love sending it,” Chelone said in The Story.

Rest In Peace Chelone Miller. Photo: "The Story" Film by The Ski Channel

Shred In Peace, Chelone Miller. Photo: “The Story” Film by The Ski Channel

The Ski Channel sends our deepest condolences to family and friends of Chelone. Information regarding a memorial will be posted as details are presented.