Snowbird Resorts’ Family Fun Summer Agenda

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 21, 2013 9:37 am

 Snowbird Resort has released their plans for a family friendly summer that is quickly approaching.  It’s hard to come up with ways to spend quality time with those you care about and Snowbird is making it easy! Now offering stargazing on Hidden Peak in beautiful weather, a new highly-anticipated Mountain Coaster, and nine weekends of Oktoberfest.

“This year, we focused on creating events and activities that will delight the entire family,” stated Dave Fields, Vice President of Resort Operations. “It’s the perfect place to beat the city heat.”  For example, children can pan for gemstones in the Wasatch Mining Co waters on the Plaza Deck.  Beginning June 8, more summer activities like this will be taking place daily.  Some of the more fun and extreme ones include the Alpine Slide, Bungy Trampolines, Ropes Course, Climbing Wall, Air Jumper, and the Aerial Tram.

Different aged camp programs, led by counselors, have also been set in motion by Snowbird Resort.  For youth ages 10-15, Snowbird Mountain Sports Camp will return for its second year and includes mountain biking, swimming, hiking and climbing with professional coaches. This year’s camp will be held July 8th-12th, 2013. Snowbird also offers Camp Snowbird for children ages 4-12, and Teen Camp for ages 13-17, Mondays through Fridays.  For more information, please visit

In addition, Snowbird also offers more active experiences for all ages, such as mountain biking, hiking, horseback riding in Mineral Basin, horseshoes, tennis, and fishing in Austin Pond. Just in time for Father’s Day, the fifth annual Brewfest will be held June 15th-16th, where several breweries will be selling 3-ounce samples of their brews accompanied by live music.  A family BBQ for all dads will be grilled up on Sunday, June 16th.

The New Mountain Coaster at Snowbird Resort.  Photo: Snowbird Resort

The New Mountain Coaster at Snowbird Resort. Photo: Snowbird Resort


To start the weekends off right, free admission is granted for Family Flicks, where featured films will be shown each Friday night at around sunset.  Some classic films include Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Harry Potter, Where the Wild Things Are and Groundhog Day.  On Saturday nights, after a long week’s adventure of fun, everyone is welcome to attend the resort’s free Cool Air Concert series on the Plaza deck at 6 p.m. (June 22 – August 10).  Live music will be played by bands such as the Chicago Afrobeat Project, the Jaden Carlson Band, Keller Williams, and many more.  Small coolers are welcome.

Festivities are always the best way to end the summer, so this year Oktoberfest will return to the Snowbird village on August 17th and continue each weekend (including Labor Day) through October 13th. This event is culturally focused with traditional German music, dancing, and cuisine, such as bratwurst with sauerkraut and apfelstrudel. Children can enjoy face painting, inflatable rides, caricature artist, the world champion Yo-Yo Man, balloons and more. Admission is also free.

Other summer events include the Tour of Utah, Mountain Bout Mountain Bike Race, Wasatch Wildflower Festival, Stargazers and Hidden Peak Challenge


Summer Schedule: 

MAY 2013

27                    Last day of skiing and snowboarding, conditions permitting.


JUNE 2013

7                      Snowbird Family Flicks, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

8                      Summer Activities Open

14                    Snowbird Family Flicks, Groundhog Day

15-16               4th Annual Brewfest, 11 a.m.-7 p.m.

16                    Father’s Day Brunch with live music, Atrium, 10:30 a.m.-3 p.m.

16                    Father’s Day BBQ Celebration, 11 a.m.–7 p.m.

18                    Little Cottonwood Canyon Clean-Up

21                    Snowbird Family Flicks, Despicable Me

22                    Cool Air Concert, 6 p.m., Swamp Cabbage

28                    Snowbird Family Flicks, Charlie & The Chocolate Factory

29                    Cool Air Concert, 6 p.m., Jaden Carlson Band


JULY 2013

4                      4th of July Pancake Breakfast w/live music, 9 a.m.-noon, Dixieland Band

5                      Snowbird Family Flicks, Harry Potter & The Sorcerer’s Stone

6                      26th Annual Mountain Bout Mountain Bike Race –

6                      Cool Air Concert, 6 p.m., Girls, Guns & Glory

8-12                 Mountain Sports Camp

11-14            Bowcast

12                    Snowbird Family Flicks, Cool Runnings

13                    Cool Air Concert, 6 p.m., Chicago Afrobeat Project

19                    Snowbird Family Flicks, Up

20                    Black Diamond’s Hidden Peak Hustle 5K & 10K

20                    Cool Air Concert, 6 p.m., Whitewater Ramble

26                    Snowbird Family Flicks, Mrs. Doubtfire

27                    Cool Air Concert, 6 p.m., Keller Williams

27                    Speedgoat 50K

28                    Wasatch Wildflower Festival



2                      Snowbird Family Flicks, Where The Wild Things Are

3                      35th Annual Bicycle Hill Climb / Ultra Widowmaker

3                      16th Annual Survivors at the Summit Hike

3                      Cool Air Concert, 6 p.m., Holy Ghost Tent Revival

6                      Mid-week MTB race series

8                      Wasatch Trail Run Race Series –

9                      Snowbird Family Flicks, How To Train Your Dragon

10                    Tour of Utah Challenge (citizen race)

10                    Tour of Utah

10                    Cool Air Concert, 6 p.m., Mountain Standard Time

16                    Snowbird Family Flicks, Ghostbusters

17                    Snowbird Adventure Race

22                    Wasatch Trail Run Race Series –

24                    Sandy half marathon

17, 18              Oktoberfest

24, 25              Oktoberfest

31                    Grand Oktoberfest



1 & 2               Grand Oktoberfest

7, 8                  Oktoberfest

14, 15              Oktoberfest

21                    Hidden Peak Challenge

21                    Widow Maker

21, 22              Oktoberfest

28, 29              Oktoberfest



5, 6                  Oktoberfest

12, 13              Oktoberfest

TBD                 Customer Appreciation Days

TBD                 Customer Appreciation Days