A Revolutionary Sport Tracker Trace by Alpine Replay

Posted By: The Ski Channel on August 30, 2013 6:00 am

Prepare for a revolutionary device that has the potential to change action sports. Soon to be released is Trace inspired by Alpine Replay, an action sport tracker like no other. With the fundamental idea of a device tracking distance, speed, location and duration for runners and cyclists, Trace takes the idea to a more advanced scale that specifically caters to action sports. Think of it as an action sport diary on technological steroids.

As the first major action sport “tracker” Alpine Replay, created 2 years ago, has become the largest social network of skiers and snowboarders in the world that records speed, vertical distance, calories, height, length, air time duration, location and more all within a smart phone app. Inspired by Alpine Replay, Trace creators expanded the successful technological masterpiece to provide the same platform for skateboarding and surfing- and eventually serving all action sports.


Screen Shot 2013-08-28 at 5.53.31 PM

The progression of action sports has just been made easier with a click of a button| Photo: Alpine Replay


With the technology of Trace, action sports can now be measurable, shareable and comparable. Whether on a snowboard, skis, Trace identifies your resort, lifts, and trails, as well as your speed, vert, rotation, airtime, and more. By easily sticking the Trace device on any board or ski, this Reese’s cup-sized device is barely noticeable and does not hinder trick execution.

 Alpine Replay Track device

 Only the size of a Reese’s cup, the Trace device is lightweight and easily applicable on any board | Photo: Trace


Trace records all stats in each session including accurately identify tricks landed such as 360s, backflips and many more, as well as show the quantity of tricks landed. All information recorded on the Trace device is transferred to iPhone devices via WiFi connection after each session.

Trace action sport device app

Unique features and stats of each session are recorded on the Trace app | Photo: Trace


Progress can simply be recorded and shared with friends to compare and compete with others on the mountain, while viewing full-screened GPS maps of each location using #SessionSheets. All stats gathered from your session is then displayed on the overall Leaderboards for the day, resort, or season of the Trace app to show your ranking.


 Various iPhone Trace apps are available for each sport | Photo: Trace

Currently, beta versions of the Trace device and app are being tested by athletes in the mountains, streets and water. Manufacturers are ready but monetary donations are needed in order to make the Trace device a reality and available to all.