Short Film: Myokoing- Undiscovered Skiing in Japan

Posted By: Emily Bates on November 27, 2013 10:54 am

Myoko, JAPAN – The Ski Channel introduces Myokoing, a short film documenting a group of professional skiers who have discovered a hidden gem in one of skiing’s most-hyped destinations.

Japan’s northern regions have a history of skiing hot-spots, but Myoko remains largely undiscovered. Myoko is located about an hour’s drive north of Nagano, site of the 1998 Olympic Winter Games.

skiing in japan

KC Deane enjoying Myoko’s unbelievably fresh powder. Photo: Grant Gunderson

“Japan may be the most-hyped powder destination in the ski universe. Japan not only met, but exceeded the hype.” says Sven Brunso, a pro skier whose recent trip to Japan realized a career-long goal.

Filmed in and around the town of Myoko, Niigata Prefecture Japan, Myokoing is a production of The Ski Channel and Animas Media LLC, made possible through the support of JNTO: Japan National Tourism Organization, Dancing Snow, a ski guiding company based in Myoko, and K2 Sports.

“I’d like to thank K2,” says Adam Ü, K2 athlete, “because without them, none of [this] would have happened.” Ü continued “I’ve skied the best snow of my life in Japan three trips in a row. It’s the most consistently good place I’ve ever been.”

skiing in japan

Sven Brunso more than satisfied with the conditions in Japan. Photo: Grant Gunderson

“Myokoing” is a term derived by Deane, Ü, and photographer Grant Gunderson on a previous trip to the region. The term is a playful reference to the way it snows harder and faster in Myoko than anywhere else the group has ever been.

“Producing a movie when it’s “Myokoing” can be challenging,” remarked John Trousdale, the film’s director, “the snowflakes are the size of potato chips. I didn’t know it could snow this hard until I came here, and hopefully the film captures that.”

Pro skier Carston Oliver, who has spent considerable time in Japan over the past few years, has even pondered moving to Myoko. “The great food, awesome people, and intriguing culture of Japan make it a great place to visit, regardless of the skiing. Add in the fact that it consistently snows harder than I’ve ever seen anywhere in the world, and you will consider taking up residency.”

“It’s hard to comprehend how much, and how fast it can snow in Japan,” added KC Deane, pro skier and powder snow connoisseur.

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