Top 5 Ski Films Of 2013-14 Ski Season

Posted By: The Ski Channel on April 14, 2014 9:50 am

The 2013-14 ski season saw nothing short of a new era of skiing. Luckily for us, it was well documented. As skiers raise the professional standard of the sport into new groundbreaking territory, so have filmmakers in kind. More and more videos stoke our curiosity with footage that vicariously transports us to new lands in complex ways, better narratives with compelling stories driven by strange and unique characters we connect with emotionally, and athletes who deviate even further from the safe and expected. This list is The Ski Channel’s top ski videos of 2013-14 season scopes five of the industry’s best videos that affirm both the quality and creativity of the athletes and filmmakers alike.

top 5 ski films 2013-14

Into the Mind –  Sherpas Cinema

You don’t need to know squat about skiing to enjoy Into the Mind. The cinematography is beyond anything I have ever seen in an action sports movie. This movie elevates action sports films into the realm of the spiritual and provokes philosophical concepts questions worthy of the highest art. Is it too late to nominate the people at Sherpas Cinema an Oscar?

Way of Life – Teton Gravity Research

Way of life has a gorgeous and distinctive style both in its cinematography and its exploration of the minds of today’s top athletes. The film follows the U.S. Free-skiing Team as they ride some of the best big mountain locations in the world such as Jackson Hole, the Teton’s as well as British Columbia.

Supervention – Field Productions

Supervention takes its Scandinavian riders skiing into a new era and across the globe. Mixing a range of urban style and big-mountain talent, Supervention has some cinematic effects in its bag that are sure to surprise. Skiing rooftop to rooftop on abandoned Norwegian buildings and huge-sheering mountain ledges, Supervention is everything skiers will enjoy.

Mutiny – Stept

Mutiny showcases skiing that not only defies the forces of earth but the forces of man as well. In Stept Production’s largest film project to date, Mutiny documents progressive skiers skiing the streets of some of the country’s biggest city.

McConkey – Matchstick Productions

This film holds a special place in my heart. Of all of the films in this list McConkey is by far the most memorable. Shane McConkey was at the forefront of the action sports world for nearly 20 years, and pushed the line of sanity and creativity his whole career. From start to finish the film takes you on an emotional adventure of McConkey’s life with stomach turning action shots that foreshadow the tragic day of McConkey’s last ride. In an industry that demands so much from its athletes, this video is a humbling reminder of the price of an extraordinary life.


Be sure to check out The Ski Channel original movie ‘The Sound Of Winter’. ‘The Sound Of Winter’ is a deep narrative of some of the most talented, people in mountain sports performing some of the most incredible feats ever attempted. The film features the world record quarter pipe jump by Simon Dumont as well as his insane crash at Park City. Julian Carr front flips a 210 footer in Switzerland. Kris Holm rides on the lip of a 2500 foot cliff on his unicycle with no ropes or parachute. The film goes to the top of Mt Everest, Baffin Island, Norway, Switzerland, Mammoth Mountain, Whistler Blackcomb and incredible places all around the world. It features wingsuit flying, paragliding, speedflying, climbing, hucking and of course tons and tons of amazing skiing!

Executive Producer Steve Bellamy / Co Executive Producer Rich Tavtigian / Producer Selma Al-Faqih / Lead Editor Phillip Cruess / Music by BUSH