2014 Heli-Skiing Survey by HELISKI.com and TheSkiChannel

Posted By: The Ski Channel on May 14, 2014 9:57 am

heli-skiing survey 2014

This is your chance to improve the heli-skiing industry.

Every year we collect input from heliskiers and heliboarders.   We organize the responses and offer feedback to the heliski operators in Canada and Alaska.    It helps in two ways

  1. Improving the heliskiing industry.
  2. Your heliskiing feedback, as well as our first hand experience, also helps us to formulate the best trip recommendations for you and your fellow heliskiers and heliboarders.

Please do us a favor by answering our brief annual private survey.  It’s just 4 to 8 questions, depending on your responses.   You can skip any question, too.

Heliskiing Survey


Heliskiing Survey

Please complete this 4 to 8 question survey. Skip Any Question. Your responses are Confidential and will not be shared. THANKS!

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We will never share this information.

Did you go this season?

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