A week in review on Instagram: What Skiers Do During The Summer

Posted By: The Ski Channel on June 27, 2014 11:07 am

We checked up on some of our favorite skiers, snowboarders, and snow bunnies to see what they have been up to this summer on Instagram.

chris benchetler

Chris Benchetler hops over to the Hawaiian Island of Kauai to swap the ski’s for a SUP. / Photo @chrisbenchetler

michelle parker

Michelle Parker continues to get vertical while climbing up to Tuolomne with friends. / Photo: @myshellparker 


ski portillo

Lucky, lucky folks at Ski Portillo get to spend their days skiing, watching the World Cup and sipping on a golden ales. / Photo: @skiportillo


sammy carlson

Nothing like a good throwback photo. Sammy Carlson shares with us this epic night shot at Mt. Hood a couple of years back. / Photo: @sammycski 


maude raymond

Maude Raymond spends her summer days practicing new tricks on a tramp at Maximise. / Photo: @maadmaude


jamie anderson

Jamie Anderson channeled her inner Yogi at Wanderlust Stratton festival with one heck of a pretty view. / Photo: @jamieanderson


monthatch sierranevadas insta

Monica Thatcher, local San Diegan / Mammoth Mountain weekender soaks up the view of the Sierra Nevada’s while relaxing in a hot spring. / Photo: @monthatch


jackson hole mountain resort

Jackson Hole Mountain resort posted this magical sunset photo with light beaming through the Teton Mountains./ Photo: @jacksonhole  


heidi kloser

Mogul skier Heidi Kloser cycles around the Teton Mountains as a part of her recovery from a knee injury, not bad. / Photo: @hkloser_ski 



Last but not least, Perisher we’re jealous, you really don’t have to rub it in. This photo was posted on June 23rd while they were in the middle of a blizzard…that is all. / Photo: @perisher_ski_resort