JP Auclair Video Tribute (1977 – 2014)

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 2, 2014 12:46 pm

JP Auclair Video Tribute (1977-2014)

Over the years, The Ski Channel Television Network had the honor of documenting the late JP Auclair’s epic adventures around the world, as he changed the face of freeskiing forever. His presence will be dearly missed, but his influence in the mountain will live on forever.

jp auclair

Another bright, shining star in the sky… New Zealand halpipe skiing in 2005. Photo courtesy of JP Auclair

jp auclair

JP clearing a Japanese road gap in 2001. Photo courtesy of JP Auclair

JP Auclair and Andreas Fransson, two influential freeskiers, were killed in a Patagonia avalanche Monday. Their bodies were found on Mount San Lorenzo the next day by a passing hiker.

The avalanche struck Monday afternoon and covered about 700 meters of the mountain, located on the boarder of Chile and Argentina. 

Search teams found the bodies dead on arrival, greatly due to the location of the disaster being very distant from the closest town.

jp auclair

JP Auclair was a halfpipe wizard, pictured boosting in New Zealand in 2008. Photo courtesy of JP Auclair.

Legendary pro skier, JP Auclair, will be greatly missed, as well as his counterpart for this adventure, the Swedish Andreas Fransson.

Reportedly, they were alongside photographers Bjarne Salen and Daniel Rönnbäck, filming for a new skiing web series of films called, “Apogee Skiing”.

JP had recently settled back into his home in Canada where he was awaiting the birth of his first child with his beloved wife.

jp auclair

JP Auclair portrait, 2009. Photo: Breckenridge

May they rest in peace. The Ski Channel sends our dearest sympathies to their dear friends and family.


RIP JP Auclair & Andreas Fransson, Freeskiers Killed In Patagonia Avalanche