MOVIE: ‘PURE’ – A Female Freeskiing Film

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 2, 2014 3:34 pm

The world’s most talented female freeskiers spent last winter in some of the steepest places on earth to bring you PURE. This is the second “Shades of Winter” movie from Austrian freeskier and filmmaker, Sandra Lahnsteiner. Teaming up with female athletes from all over the world, you can expect a heavy dose of impressive footage showcasing huge mountain lines and perfectly executed freestyle tricks.

Video by Sandra Lahnsteiner | Directed & edited by Mario Feil

Music:  “You For Leaving Me” by Colourmusic

Filmed in Japan, Alaska, the Alps and at the Nine Queens event, PURE promises to be one of the best ski films of the year.

“ The constant search for those special moments is what pushes us to explore out limits. We need those experiences to feel real, to feel alive” said Lahnsteiner.

PURE will offer amazing footage | Photo Melissa Presslaber

PURE offers amazing footage from on top of the world. | Photo: Melissa Presslaber

The full feature film will premiere as an exclusive 24h-live show on on October 10th.