UPDATE: Himilayas Death Toll Climbs to 28

Posted By: Emily Bates on October 16, 2014 6:10 pm

According to BBC news, 28 trekkers have been killed so far on the Annapurna Circuit trekking route after the harsh weather of cyclone Hudhud struck the region. Now it has been estimated that over 220 people have been rescued, some suffering from hypothermia and frosbite, and still many more are missing.

Mike Marolt, one of the world’s best ski mountaineers, has spent a fair amount of time in the Himalaya’s working on his film Skiing Everest, one of last year’s most successful films.

Marolt had this to say upon hearing the news, “The news is coming in and it’s tragic. The trekking routes are at the height of the season and the luck of the weather was not on their side. It’s so freaking sad, it’s crazy.”

Because it is the peak time of Nepal’s trekking season,  many have been affected by the unusually violent weather on the key Nepali hiking route.

According to the Arirang News video below, trekkers from Israel, Canada, India, Poland, Slovakia, and Nepal have been reported dead.

Euro News‘ video of survivor Linor Kajan describes her experience that day on the trek, as she was dragged to safety:

Rescue teams will continue the search for more people on the mountain.

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