UPDATE: 32 Deaths Confirmed in Nepal Trekking Disaster

Posted By: Emily Bates on October 17, 2014 11:18 am

What started out as 17 bodies recovered from the Himalayan mountains, has now turned into 32 confirmed deaths so far. According to ThinkProgress.org, 85 trekkers still haven’t been accounted for, so search and rescue teams will continue to work hard to find them.

Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. Photo: Wikicommons | Jenn G

Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. Photo: Wikicommons | Jenn G

The trekking disaster hit one of the most popular trails called the Annapurna Circuit, where many visitors from all over Europe were making the trek in the most popular time of the season. The extreme weather and violent conditions were unexpected, leaving many stranded, missing, and dead.

NepaliTimes.com pointed out the urgent need of early warning weather systems in the the region of Nepal for the increased safety of trekkers. The benefit of early warning weather systems is that it can reduce the destruction caused by weather-related disasters. Though modern technology allows for such information to be available to the public, NepaliTimes.com also points out the many reasons this type of warning may have been ignored, and possibly not have reached all trekkers.

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