Interview: Circe Wallace on Her Sophisticated Snow Apparel, Circe Snow

Posted By: Emily Bates on November 19, 2014 1:12 pm

One of action sport’s most influential women in history, Circe Wallace introduced Circe Snow to the mountain world in 2009. Her unique apparel line showcases the perfect medium between functionality and fashion, giving every female rider the chance to love what they are wearing.

The former professional snowboarder has a long list of career experiences behind her that have molded her into the well-rounded business woman that she is today. From producing award-winning action sports films, to managing some of the top athletes in the world, there certainly is no question about her impact on the industry. Now, she is taking it to another level with her own intimate line of refined one piece winter suits and accessories that will last for seasons to come.

“Circe Snow is the first phase of a highly cultivated line of sophisticated sportswear designed for a lifestyle that encompasses nature, adventure and bold expression.” -Circe Wallace on Circe Snow

Wallace took some time to tell the Ski Channel about her inspiration in life that embodies Circe Snow, and the exciting things to look forward to in 2015.

Circe Snow suits by Circe Wallace. Photo: Scott Soens

Circe Snow suits by Circe Wallace. Photo: Scott Soens

How did you get into design?

It was several years ago. I had just done a big deal for my client, Travis Rice, and he offered to buy me a nice birthday present for my efforts (my birthday is on christmas).  I really wanted a beautiful one piece, because obviously one pieces are the best. I also was really tired of everything in snowboarding and as a byproduct, skiing looking so androgynous. I wanted something feminine, functional and that fit great, and I was really willing to find it at any expense.  So I scoured the globe, from Switzerland to Aspen, and I couldn’t find anything, not one thing I really wanted to wear. So, I guess I just went a little crazy and decided to make my own, and then thought well there is white space here, maybe I should start a little line.

Can you describe the Circe Snow style?

Sophisticated, beautiful ski wear for the woman who skis or snowboards, a lot!

What inspires your creative designs?

Lately, I have been really inspired by nature itself. I recently went to Eselan in Big Sur and was doing these nature walks and was just so in awe of how well nature performs for its creatures. It’s the perfect design. Anything Lagerfeld does, which I know is cliché. You can probably tell from my images that Philip Treacy is a huge inspiration. I actually got to work with him on a headpiece that he made me for my wedding. He is a genius.  I love what’s happening in the emergence of ‘luxury streetwear’. My dream is to create wear that facilitates a lifestyle, we are doing all of these fun things. Surfing, snowboarding are what make me happy, and I want to be able to wear things while doing those activities that work, fit well, and look good. I don’t really think that many brands are doing a very good job of that. I hope to create a small line dedicated to women who want to do these activities, are willing to invest in wear that will last a few seasons, and care about fit and performance.

Circe Snow suits by Circe Wallace. Photo: Scott Soens

Circe Snow suits by Circe Wallace. Photo: Scott Soens

What are your favorite designs so far?

I really only design one thing, so I like that! I am so proud of our product. It really is phenomenal. Any woman who has purchased it or is an ambassador, is so happy with their product, and that gives me a lot of confidence that we are doing something that is needed.

What makes your new apparel line unique to others?

We are dedicated to simplicity. We are not in the “units” business.  Our silhouette, our fit and function, is really what makes us unique to our competitors.

What does balancing your work and family life look like?

Ha, it’s messy, but I love it. I love working, it really defines me in a way, although motherhood is my greatest achievement and my greatest joy. I have an incredibly supportive husband and a job that I love. This gives me a window to create, and I need that.

Circe Snow suits by Circe Wallace. Photo: Scott Soens

Circe Snow suits by Circe Wallace. Photo: Scott Soens

Who are you working with to test Circe Snow?

I have a long list of women in key areas who are my ambassadors. Women who are not pro athletes, but mothers or women doing amazing things in their respective areas of work. I could give you the list but you wouldn’t know their names because they are not famous outside of their own communities. At some point, I will incorporate a few athletes, but I really am more about creating something for women who rather have a fabulous experience than be the best competitor. I think it’s part of the experience for me in stepping outside the agent business, and interacting with women who are inspiring me on a different level.

How have your career experiences shaped Circe Snow?

I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the best athletes in the world and spend a considerable amount of time on the mountain. I also have girlfriends of athletes like Evan Mack, (Travis Rice’s girl), testing my gear, and access to feedback from these people who are literally writing the playbook of awesomeness. That kind of access to Nicolas Mueller, Torah Bright, Scotty Lago, Iouri Podladtchikov have definitely shaped my vision of how I want to evolve this brand.

Circe Snow suits by Circe Wallace. Photo: Scott Soens

Circe Snow suits by Circe Wallace. Photo: Scott Soens

Who has inspired you most as an athlete and business woman?

I am inspired everyday by the women around me who are carving a path for us. I just read two books #girlboss by Sophia Amoruso  and Thrive by Arianna Huffington, and I read Lean in this Year by Susan Sandberg, and it’s just happening everywhere. I have two daughters and it would be easy to be depressed about the world they have to deal with, global warming, the destruction of our environments, etc. I am just so excited for them knowing that as women they really can do anything and it really is such a wonderful time to be alive. I have so much gratitude everyday for everything and my ability to be in nature, to have a job that I love, and to create beautiful ski wear! What a life.

What can we look forward to for 2015?

Underlayer that doubles as yoga wear! And I have gotten a little more adventurous on a couple pieces design wise. Surf wear soon, there is so much I want to do.

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