Lessons from Antarctica

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 12, 2015 8:33 am

By: Maddie Baker

We all know Monday mornings are tough. Thanks to Mountain Hardwear this Monday morning will  be a little sweeter. Grab a cup of coffee and watch Mike Lebecki and his daughter explore Antarctica.

Eleven year-old Lilliana experienced the trip of a lifetime with her father and Mountain Hardwear athlete Mike Lebecki. While most eleven year-olds are observing the structure of cells in Science class; Lilliana was aboard a boat darting storms through the Drake Passage on a mission to arrive in Antarctica.

Lilliana and her father not only skinned and skied the glacial territory, but did it all while visiting the wildlife of Antarctica. Although Mike’s first priority was safety for Lilliana, he opened her eyes to the natural world and allowed her to experience adventures all while learning lessons that will accompany her and ultimately shape her as an individual. As Mike said: “You’re in these moments where you’re looking out in these wild places and just in awe and in the exact moment of now, not thinking about the future or past. Get your kids out in the wild and they’re going to naturally grab on to our natural world.” This seems to be the first of many excursion the Lebecki duo will share with one another. “My dad’s saying is life is sweet, but on this trip I came up with my own and said that life is marvelous.” We agree Lilliana!