The Heart of Chamonix

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 15, 2015 10:08 am

By: Maddie Baker

In southeastern France, tucked away in the Alps lays Chamonix. A mountain to be reckoned with, climbers and skiers alike clamor here during the winter months to undertake some of the most advanced and difficult terrain, testing their mountaineering skills. The inherent risks of the mountain are quickly overcome with a passion to push the limits and boundaries. As Patagonia athletes Dave Rosenbarger and Kye Petersen set out to ski the unpredictable terrain they bring creativity, inspiration and a craving to construct an organic bond with the mountain. Within the confines of Chamonix lie danger, depth, adrenaline, artistry and an opportunity to accomplish a new level of skiing with every grip of an edge. “We come here because of passion, because of hunger to go deeper. This is a place for those who seek to push the limits of adventure. It doesn’t take long to escape the masses of the lift. Each run has it’s own character, it’s own rhythm. Up here you have to harmonize with the shape of the mountain. It’s an art form to practice. It takes years to master. And still, it’s all about intuition.”

In this short, we find Dave and Kye accepting the challenges of the mountain. Aware of the danger the mountain bestows, the two skiers concentrated on risk vs. reward learning that risking it all is not worth losing it all. The partners find their break and are able to create unforgettable crusade through Chamonix.