Two winners are crowned at the US Cross-Country Championships

Posted By: The Ski Channel on January 16, 2015 10:47 am

By: Maddie Baker

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Photo: Annie Pokorny,

They came, they skied, and they won. Snow and changing temperatures did not deter the US cross-country championships from crowning two winners: Kris Freeman and Rosie Brennan. The conditions generated harsh and difficult skiing for the competitors. Problems with wax and dynamic snow made for a tough competition for both the men and women’s fields.  Waiting for the right moments was crucial to wining the championships.

As Freeman stated: “With 2.5k to go, I made my move and put about 10 seconds on the guys following me over two short steep hills,” he said, noting that they caught back up to him on a short downhill. He pushed over a rise to regain his lead, and suffered the consequences for the final 200 meters. His lead shrunk as he got closer to the line, but it had been enough for him to cross in first.” A very close race for Freeman who came away with the victory after a close battle.

For Brennan, it was believing in her abilities which motivated her to continue pushing through the undesirable conditions. “I had to believe in my ability to finish hard and wait until the right moment to go and, fortunately, [APU Coach Erik] Flora was in the perfect place and said the perfect things to get me going when I needed to.”

Congratulations to Freeman, Brennan and all the other competitors!