Avalanche at Freeride World Tour

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 4, 2015 6:47 pm

Kappl, Austria

The Freeride World Tour was brought to a screeching halt on Tuesday after French skier Julien Lopez triggered a large slide.  Lopez was hiking to retrieve a lost ski after losing it in a crash off a cliff.  As he hiked the 40X100m 50cm deep slab came loose and carried him down the mountain.  Julien was able to deploy his ABS Airbag and sustained only minor injuries.

Freeride is obviously a dangerous sport, which is becoming more and more apparent with the recent string of avalanche related fatalities.  This is even more eye-opening, in some ways, as it came in the “controlled” environment of the Freeride World Tour.  In fact, a bomb was detonated just 5m from where the slab that carried Lopez away broke loose.

The moral of the story is be aware out there everyone.  Even the safest appearing situations can turn deadly in a matter of seconds.