Sella Nevea with Dash, Colter and Dana

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 5, 2015 9:39 am

Dash Longe, Colter Hinchcliffe and Dana Flahr found themselves with a 360-degree playground in Sella Nevea, Italy. With great weather, good company, and even better snow the boys conquered the mountain and were able to put down some creative, innovative and unique lines. Fortunately for this crew, Italy has had one of the snowiest years on record and the group took full advantage of the terrain. Dropping cliffs, boots packing, hitting spines and boosting off cornices are a bit of what you see in this short. We also get a rare look at the Rifugio Gilberti where the crew meets an amazing woman who helps create an unforgettable trip! The Rifugio Gilberti sits on a tiny hill where avalanches seems to slide past the extraordinary place, leaving it untouched and accessible for skiers to stay while exploring the vast territory of Sella Nevea!