How Do You Choose Your Line?

Posted By: The Ski Channel on February 16, 2015 12:29 pm

How do you choose a line? Do you go for a natural hit that will let you boost a trick or do you choose a line that may be steeper with cliffs? In Days of My Youth Richard Permin, Markus Eder and Cody Townsend break down their skiing mentality and how they approach the lines they choose to film.

Markus Eder’s style is made up of taking his technique and tricks to the backcountry lines he is skiing. Jumping and spinning off every hit he can find, Eder brings a distinct style to his skiing. “I’m just trying to be creative out there. It’s a big thing, for me, to try new stuff and do new stuff.” The other two chiming in agreeing that Markus looks at lines like a skate park.

The other two that make up this trio are Richard Permin and Cody Townsend who have similar mindsets when choosing their lines. As Richard stated: “When I look at the mountain I personally look for the biggest cliff or the most exposed line. And I think Cody is pretty much the same.” Cody’s line choice has high expectations and his mindset is different than most. “ I spend the summer quite often thinking about those lines and thinking about what’s going to be the best way down them, when is it going to be good, where are the danger point and you start to live and breathe that line before you ever even ski it. Which I think is a huge benefit. It’s nerve-wracking because all of a sudden you are putting that much effort and energy into one line.” Each skier is different and choosing a line allows you to define yourself as a rider; bringing your style and imagination to the snow!