Photo Gallery: Easter Weekend at Revelstoke Mountain Resort

Posted By: Freeride Chronicles on April 9, 2015 9:39 am

The Freeride Chronicles crew was looking for just one more true winter experience before spring set in full force up north. On Thursday afternoon, April 2nd, we left North Idaho under Blue spring time skies with Revelstoke Mountain Resort in our sights. The 7 hour drive through British Columbia was gorgeous, but you could definitely see winter has lost it’s grip.

Somebody is excited to ride the Galena Ferry

Somebody was excited to ride the Galena Ferry.

We arrived in Revelstoke just in time for dinner. When in Revy, it’s pretty much mandatory you hit The Village Idiot for pizza and beers. After a few Mt Begbie brews and some killer pizza, we were ready for Friday.

Our first day on Friday we could see from the dirt and grass at the Revelstoke Mountain Village base that even the famed Revelstoke was having a tough season. We rode the Gondola up to mid mountain and thats where things changed and it looked like winter still had a heartbeat.

The Reveltoke Mountain Resort Chariots

The Revelstoke Mountain Resort Chariots.

We made our way over to the  Stoke Chair where we soon found conditions were a mixed bag from soft carvable snow up high, to locked up, hard spring snow down near the bottom. As the morning progressed, we had glimpses of sun and temps were warming up, giving us that corn snow we love in spring.

Grey skies and groomers are

A little cat and mouse on the groomers.

Around midnight on Friday evening, we were awoken to the rain just pounding our condo in the village. If this torrential rain was any indicator, Saturday could be a great day up high if the cold temps held through the evening. Over 5″ of freshies fell over night, which gave us a great reset for Saturday. It seemed like winter conditions were upon us once again complete with grey skies and a little snowfall throughout the day.



5" Reset sure makes a difference

5″ reset sure makes a difference.

Some of the runs were groomed on Friday evening before the snow arrived leaving us 5″ of freshies on top of corduroy. Getting off into the trees was hit and miss as we ventured all over off the Stoke Chair looking for more goodness.

When your old, you got to go with what you know! Bob Legasa going old School with a Cossack

When you’re old, you got to go with what you know! Bob Legasa going old school with a Cossack.

Over the course of the day we ran into a few Revy friends, one of them was Ron Sahlstrom, the Mystery man whose ski tracks graced the cover of POWDER Magazine last month. Ron invited us to an end of the day tailgate function with his skiing posse, the “4:30 Crew”. The Kootenay Beers and Jager were flowing. Good times with some long time locals, some of which were in Revy in the early 90′s when a portion of the ski hill was called Powder Springs.

Apres in the RMR parking lot with the "Revelstoke 4:30 Crew"

Apres in the RMR parking lot with the “Revelstoke 4:30 Crew”.

Sunday, Easter morning, we woke to crystal clear skies. There’s something special about a bluebird morning in the Selkirks.

Mt. Begbie during the Easter morning Sunrise

Mt. Begbie during the Easter morning sunrise.

As we rode the Stoke, we could see there was lots of untracked pow above the Stoke Chair just below the nipple (a weather station which looks like a nipple). Gotta earn it to get that fresh. The skiing was incredible with the 5″ of the freshies from Friday night sitting on top of the deposits from earlier in the week.

Desiree Leipham dropping in

Desiree Leipham dropping in.

We were back in the game and REVVED UP!

Who wouldn't be smiling on a day like this

Who wouldn’t be smiling on a day like this.

Bob Legasa getting after it

Bob Legasa getting after it.

We ended up hiking the Nipple for several runs getting that goodness and, by noon, we had our share, plus we had to get loaded up and back on the road for the 7 hour drive home.

Arrow Lake just south west of Revelstoke

Arrow Lake just south west of Revelstoke on our departure.

The drive went by quick as we recounted our past three days at Revelstoke. The Freeride crew loves REVY and you can bet we’ll be back next winter!

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