Nepal Earthquake Death Toll Surpasses 4,000

Posted By: Emily Bates on April 27, 2015 5:07 pm

Nearly 4,000 people have been pronounced dead in Nepal, India, and China after a 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck the landlocked nation of Nepal. In addition to the high death toll, more than 6,500 people have been injured according to the National Emergency Operation Centre.

In response to the devastation, tent cities have been created in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Those that couldn’t return to their homes were sent to these tent cities for shelter.

Much of Nepal’s cultural heritage also suffered irrevocable damage. According to BBC News, parts of the Kathmandu’s Durbar Square, Bhaktapur’s Durbar Square, Patan’s Durbar Square, Swayambhunath temple complex, Boudhanath temple complex, and Pashupatinath Hindu religious complex have been affected by the earthquake. They also reported that various sites are being used for ongoing cremations for those killed in the natural disaster.

However, the destructive quake came with no surprise. CNN reported that geophysicists ‘have long monitored how fast the Earth’s plates are moving, and we know that the entire subcontinent of India is being driven slowly but surely underneath Nepal and Tibet at a speed of around 1.8 inches per year.’  Though earthquakes are common in the surrounding areas, this one was massive in comparison.

Mt. Everest is located in the Himalaya mountain range, and was struck by deadly avalanches preceding the 7.8 magnitude quake. More than 200 climbers were rescued from Mt. Everest, however, a minimum of 18 people were killed.

German climber Jost Kobusch was at the Mt. Everest Basecamp when the avalanche occurred. He posted the following statement on his YouTube video below, “The ground was shaking from the earthquake and as soon as we saw people running we were running ourselves to save our lives.”

According to KTLA5 News, China, France, India, Italy, Britain, Canada, the United States, Australia, Taiwan, Pakistan, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Switzerland, Norway, Singapore, and South Korea have sent aid, along with search and rescue teams.

Among the global charities that have landed in Nepal to provide aid to those affected are the Red Cross, who is helping restore family links needs in the areas affected, Unicef- who is sending two cargo flights with a combined two tons of supplies, such as medical supplies, tents, and blankets to the capital for the almost 1 million children in need, World Food Programme- who is providing food to the victims, and there are many more ways that these global charities are providing relief.

Readers around the world can play their role in assisting the people of Nepal through supporting these organizations that are providing aid on site.  Click on the name of the organization that you would like to learn more about supporting: Red Cross, Unicef, World Food Programme, International Medical Corps, Mercy Corps, Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children, CARE, OXFAM International, American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Samaritans Purse, Lutheran World Relief, Google Person Finder, and many more.

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