Flying Around in Wing Suits

Posted By: The Ski Channel on October 20, 2015 4:26 pm

In this new age of action sports, there seems to be a continual upping of the adrenaline ante. For sheer ridiculous entertainment value, there is little that compares to the newish sport of proximity wing-suit flying. These unique athletes jump out of a helicopter or off a cliff, fly with their specially designed wing-suits and pull a small parachute when close to a landing zone. With little room for error, these stuntmen have not only been pushing the boundaries, but demolishing them.

Island Lake Catskiing has long had a reputation for pushing the envelope and has been featured in a number of films and TV shows over the years. They are currently in production for a new TV show to be released fall 2016. One of the segments of the new show is about inspiration and pushing your limits; this seemed a logical connection with guys jumping from a helicopter and flying… The GoPro bomb squad was invited up for a few jumps.

The day started out with a bit of weather, so they took a snowcat up to explore some options. In early afternoon the clouds broke and the warm spring sun revealed the peaks of the Lizard Range in all their glory. The 5 KAVU Team athletes geared up and loaded the waiting helicopter. After a few rounds the “flyers” became more comfortable and buzzed Papa Bear Peak, flying about 10 feet off the summit. Hartman Rector, whom has a reputation for pushing the envelope a little further not only buzzed the big peak, but also did a cork screw trick (rotating the body 360 degrees) in mid flight – a truly impressive sight.






A huge thanks to: KAVU, Lance Edwards, The Gopro Bomb Squad, Marshall Miller, Jesse Hall, Neil (the Lorax) Amonson, Jeff Shapiro and Hartman Rector.

Photos by Mike McPhee – instagram @mcphoto99