Tiny House Episode 2: I Love Splitboarding

Posted By: Taylor Phelps on October 26, 2015 7:13 pm

The 2nd episode of the Tiny House series: I Love Splitboarding features innovative snowboarders that have come up with the perfect solution to finding new tracks while on the mountain. It was designed for snowboarders, by snowboarders with the desire of endless possibilities. What have they invented you ask? It’s called a splitboard.

A splitboard is a snowboard that detaches from a single deck into two skiis. This is extremely ideal for boarders that intend to cross country through the mountains in search for fresh tracks throughout the day, making this the ultimate all-around set up. These athletes show us the versatility of the new splitboard by fearlessly gunning down steep grades. The splitboard is revolutionizing the standard of traditional snowboards.

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