VIDEO: Surviving an Avalanche with Clark Fyans

Posted By: Emily Bates on December 3, 2015 8:21 am

I usually can keep my cool in really intense situations, but I just remember being like ‘this is the time I’m going to die.’ –Clark Fyans

Helicopter ski guide and action sports producer, Clark Fyans, gives The Ski Channel a detailed encounter of surviving an avalanche in Chile. Despite being faced immediately with a life or death situation, the Utah native refused to let fear set in as he was buried alive by snow.

“I know that sound very well, and then I saw the entire slope coming towards me.”

As an avalanche specialist, Fyans knew exactly how to react, letting the snow consume him like a rag doll and get thrown against rocks as he went along for the ride. Incredibly enough, the only significant injury that he endured was a compound fracture that led to 17 days in the ICU, and both a skin and bone graph.

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