The Pioneer of Snow-Sports Filmmaking, Warren Miller Passes Away at 93

Posted By: Taylor Phelps on January 25, 2018 8:00 pm

At 93 years-old, Warren Miller, a passionate skier known as the pioneer of snow sport filmmaking industry has passed away on January 24th, in his home on Orcas Island in Puget Sound.

With saddened hearts, the action sport industry will always remember and reflect on the impact legendary Warren Miller made on the world. In his early years, Miller was a professional ski bum. He lived the “lavish” life of a ski instructor residing in a trailer in a public parking lot and in his spare time filming his friends ski down the mountain with his eight-millimeter camera. The life every young skier or snowboarders aspires to be! A professional yet passionate, ski bum.

After his winters spent on the mountain, he would drive down to LA where he would sell his footage to movie producers and others in the filmmaking industry. That practice spiraled out of control (in the best way possible) when Miller later became the founder of Warren Miller Entertainment where he directed, produced, filmed, and even narrated over 500 action sport films up until the late 80′s.

The Pioneer of Snow-Sports Filmmaking, Warren Miller Passes Away at 93

The Pioneer of Snow-Sports Filmmaking, Warren Miller Passes Away at 93

Miller’s films depicted the snow sport in a light that allowed the public to perceive skiing in a way never thought possible. The exposure of skiing quickly grew from a narrow nichè pastime to the multi-billion dollar industry that it is today.

One of Miller’s first films, “Deep in Light” was developed when he was a ski instructor using a borrowed 16-millimeter movie camera. After that film, Miller and the world were hooked on his content. Miller went on the create well over 500 promotional videos and films.

There was always something very special about Mr. Miller, maybe it was his enthusiasm or innovative vision for the sport of skiing or maybe it was the wise cracks or sarcastic commentary he made as he VO’ed his own films. Well whatever it was, Warren Miller will be missed dearly and we can’t thank him enough for the inspiration he bestowed upon the world of snow-sports.

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