Shaun White: Athlete, Entrepreneur, or Something Else?

Posted By: Mark Stansbury on March 6, 2018 3:49 pm

Rob Dyrdek built DC Clothing. Tony Hawk started a video game empire. Kelly Slater constructed the iconic wave pool. These are all examples of athletes who not only crush it in their respected sport, but took that talent to build something much larger. And now, we have Shaun White. This man has the longest resume in snowboarding with 3 Olympic Gold Medals and 13 Winter X Games Gold Medals. Yes, you’re reading that right. 13 Gold F%*#ing Medals. It’s pretty obvious we can call him the current GOAT of snowboarding and now he’s building his “something larger” with the Air + Festival.

Since 2014, Shaun White has built the Air + Style Festival into a massive spectacle. He did this all while training for the Olympics. Think about this for a second, Shaun White wins his third Olympic Gold one week then flies back from China to host one of the largest action sports and music events in the United States. Is this man even human?!

Now, Air + Style spans LA, Beijing, and Sydney while bringing together some of the best snowboarding/skate talent in the world. All while bands like Phantogram and Phoenix serenade us in the background. This year I was most stoked to see Olympic Medalist Kyle Mack duke it out with household names like Darcy Sharpe and Johnny O’Connor. As you may know by now, our neighbor from the great north Darcy Sharpe took that shootout! But I digress…

Shaun White signing gear at his Air   Style LA Snowboard Event. Photo by Mark Stansbury

Shaun White signing gear at his Air Style LA Snowboard Event. Photo by Mark Stansbury

One thing’s for sure, Shaun White has been on another level as of late. Between winning Olympic gold, hosting Air + Style, and playing guitar for Bad Things; it’s quite possible he doesn’t sleep. Is there anything this man can’t do? Come on man, seriously…

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