Olympic Gold Medalist Bill Johnson No Longer Seeks Treatment for Illness

Posted By: Emily Bates on July 18, 2013 9:54 pm

Know famously as the first American to win the men’s Olympic downhill in Sarajevo, Bosnia 1984, former professional skier Bill Johnson has been suffering from a life-threatening illness. The infection has attacked his major organs and after years of treatment, Johnson has now decided to not pursue treatment. He wishes to return to Oregon where he can live the rest of his life free of needles, tubes and hospital visits.

Bill Johnson was always known as a risk taker. Photo:  Ski Channel

Bill Johnson was always known as a risk taker. Photo: Ski Channel

Despite a challenging childhood, Johnson grew up to be an accomplished athlete, topping off his Olympic gold medal with back to back wins at the Aspen and Whistler downhill events. At the time, Johnson was known as the greatest downhiller in the world.  Many years later, the Olympic Gold Medalist would undergo several life tribulations that he attempted to solve through making a comeback in his ski career.

Watch Bill Johnson downhill racing in 1984:


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