WSI Sports Olympic Base Layer Kept U.S. Ski Jumping Team Warm In Sochi

Posted By: The Ski Channel on March 3, 2014 10:31 am

The U.S. Ski Jumping Team may have had an edge over their competition in Sochi – at least when it came to their underwear!

WSI Sports, a Minnesota based company, makes innovative base layer clothing for outdoor activities and was the official supplier of the U.S. Ski Jumpers, who had the advantage of cutting-edge apparel when competing in Sochi.

WSI Sports 2_photo WSI Sports

WSI Sports talking about their involvement in the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi / Photo: WSI Sports 

Company founder Joel Wiens says the U.S. Ski Jumping team wore his product in the Winter Olympics. The products worn by Olympians included high tech under suits, apparel and accessories. The products assured that the athletes stayed warm and kept focused on the competition.

The clothing line featured a fabric technology called “HEATR®.” Wiens says the proprietary mix of material and weave generates heat over specific areas of the body that help absorb and disperse that heat. Wiens says its physics and physiology, “It’s a function of understanding the body.”

WSI Sports 4_photo WSI Sports

WSI Sports at the SIA Snow Show in Denver, Colorado, showcasing all of their new products / Photo: WSI Sports 

The Ski Jumpers wore a newly developed full body under suit (below) that uses HEATR® fabric through the core muscles groups and their patented WikMax® material through the other parts of the suit. The heated parts of the gear helped the ski jumpers maximize their warmth and blood flow throughout competition, while the WikMax® kept the athlete dry and focused.

WSI Sports 1_photo WSI Sports

The President and VP of WSI Sports with the San Fransisco 49ers equipment manager / Photo: WSI Sports 

WSI Sports also provided underclothing for the Seattle Seahawks during the Superbowl… worked for the Seahawks and for the US Ski Jumpers!