Extreme Athletes – Jeff Leger

When it rains, it pours! Jeff Leger powers through the freshly dumped backcountry pow. He even skies down a darn near vertical mountain face. Check out this incredibly talented extreme athlete!

Extreme Athletes – Derek DePiero

Derek DePiero is a skiing daredevil! Watch him inch his way to a cliff and hop off with no hesitation. He even launches into a bed of fresh pow unable to get out! This guy brings the rebel out in all of us and seems down right insane with some of the maneuvers he attempts, …

Extreme Athlete: Dave Vanham

David Vanham is without a doubt EXTREME! Check out this epic GoPro footage of him bombing a run of endless pow. These clips are filmed entirely at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort (with the exception of one shot from Thompson Pass, AK).

Learning to Ski at Solitude Mountain

Learning a new sport can be an exciting yet difficult, and the Solitude Mountain Resort snow sports team is here to help! Not only does the resort offer ski and snowboard lessons, but they have added additional classes to their roster including the Big Mt. Team, Children’s Center, Fly Like an Eagle Program (Saturday’s and …

Extreme Skiing and Backflipping Off Cliffs

Andrew Whiteford is a straight up badass. The daring skier soars over gaps, ledges, and backflips off cliff sides, all while starting mini nonchalant avalanches behind him. This guy knows how to have a good time on the backcountry, and this extreme skiing video is living proof. One of the most unique things about this …

Introducing the Best Ski School in the US

The Deer Valley Resort has one of the best ski school teaching facilities in the US. One of the most unique features about this ski school, is that their group lessons feel like private lessons. They are catered to your individual needs and assist with specific instruction. The Deer Valley Ski School offers a variety …

Double Front Flip with Adam Osgood

Sometimes there is nothing more exhilarating than watching someone pull off an insane trick through the lens of a GoPro. Check out daredevil skier Adam Osgood, complete a double front flip in knee deep pow!

Epic Skiing on Stein’s Way

When you get down to it, there is no better run at Deer Valley than the epic skiing on Stein’s Way! Jack English, the Director of Mountain Operations at Deer Valley Mountain Resort, walks us through the Stein’s Way run on Bald Mountain. This run is one of the most consistently steep, and longer courses …

Virtual Snow in Santa Monica – In House Training

We bet you’ve never seen this before! 2x World Champion Bob Salerno helps trainees and experienced skiers with his Virtual Snow conveyor belt. Virtual Snow in Santa Monica simulates riding down a slope, which ultimately helps with form and stimulates muscle memory. Hey, practice makes perfect right!

Avalanche Mitigation in Utah

The Avalanche Mitigation Manager at Solitude Mountain Resort walks us through the process of assessing snow stability in respect to avalanches. Their job is to ultimately reduce the chance of an avalanche by mitigating the hazard. To take action, there are a handful of options for the team and crew, one of them being to …

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