Find Out What Is LIVE ON DEMAND on The Ski Channel Television Network July 25

Posted By: The Ski Channel on July 25, 2014 9:00 am

Find out what is available LIVE ON DEMAND on The Ski Channel Television Network! Traveling the world to explore remote locations and getting to know some of your favorite skiers, the latest series includes dream destinations, summer activities, and intriguing stories. Keep checking back here at to preview your favorite shows that begin July 25!

NSA Revelstoke Mountain- If you like massive vertical, incredible scenery, and epic snow…Revelstoke Mountain is for you.

“Winter Sessions” is the new online series highlighting the athletes of “Sound of Winter”. We begin with our first episode featuring Sarah Burke and Rory Bushfield.

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We sit down to have an exclusive interview with Mike Hattrup, a pioneer in the world of skiing and mountain sports videos.

The Ski Channel presents the original series “Winter Sessions” featuring Ted Davenport, professional BASE Jumper and Freeskier. Fear is still a very important part of base jumping for Ted Davenport. In his own words, “Fear keeps you sharp, keeps you focused, and keeps you alive.” Combining skiing and BASE jumping has allowed skiers to ski lines on the mountain that were normally not possible. But even with over 580 BASE jumps, the nature of the beast/BASE is — it can kill you.