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Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 21, 2008 1:00 pm

Jonny Moseley was birthed by Squaw Valley.  He came up through the ranks of its youth ski programs, and was a member of the Squaw Valley Freestyle Team when he won gold at the Nagono Olympics.  KT-22, the Squaw Valley chairlift name to be spoken in reverent tones, gives access to "Jonny Moseley’s Run." 

Growing up at a world-class mountain compels one to become an unpaid proselytizer of that mountain.  And wherever Jonny Moseley’s travels have taken him, he has always been one of Squaw Valley’s biggest ambassadors. 

In the Job Dictionary, "a good gig" is defined as "getting paid to do what you already do for free." On Saturday, Jonny Moseley was named Chief Mountain Host.  In the newly created position, Moseley will promote the mountain he loves, giving tours and sharing his story on the mountain stage of Squaw Valley.  “As  Chief Mountain Host, I really look forward to skiing, snowboarding  and showing people the resort that I grew up skiing and love.  Please  send me a message at – let’s get out on the mountain!”

Jonny throwing out the email address!  Email him congratulations, and tell him his new title has a nice Native American tribal ring to it.  Chief Mountain Host.  Congrats, Jonny!

photo by Telstar Logistics

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