Vermont, Capital of Snow Parks

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on December 24, 2008 11:00 am

Jake Burton, Mr. Burton Snowboards, founded his company out of a barn in Vermont.  It is then no coincidence that Vermont has become the Snow Park Capital of the U.S.  When it comes to terrain parks, all hail Vermont!  Seriously.  Check it:

The second leg of the Winter Dew Tour will land on Mount Snow, with its full baker’s dozen, 12 terrain parks, covering 95-acres.  At Okemo Mountain, there’s a bus, the SoBe Love Bus, that riders can hurl themselves over (my homework really did fall out of my pocket).  Stowe has a 450 ft. Olympic size Superpipe and three terrain parks.  Stratton, eight terrain parks.

And there may be Seven Wonders of the World, but there’s only 5 Stashes.  The Stash at Killington opened this year.  The Stash is part terrain park, part something new entirely.  A sort of hybrid snow park made of natural features: log jibs, rock-wall slides, stumps, oh and that small cabin to cruise over.  The Stash takes freestyle riding back to the back-country.  And Al Gore would bust a rail slide, as all Stash parks are created with the mountain environment in mind: re-use of local trees, found objects on hill, and on-hill recycling.  Jake Burton and Burton Snowboards, the last big snowboard company still privately owned, have done a real cool thing at Killington while you weren’t lookin’.  "The Stash is simply that dream we all have of just cruisin’ and hittin’ all the dopest crap in one run – ill pow hits, logs and banks,” says Burton Global Team rider Jeremy Jones.

As visions of tricks, slides, and hits dance through your brain at night, know that Vermont’s terrain parks await your arrival.  If you’ve dreamt it, it exists in Vermont.


photo credit: Killington Mountain

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