Jackson Hole: 14 feet of Snow in 30 Days!

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on January 12, 2009 1:00 pm

Looking at the calendar, the new year is a mere 12 days old, yet six feet of snow have already fallen on Jackson Hole in 2009.  Extrapolate a bit further back into the last part of 2008, and 14 feet of snow have fallen on the mountain in the past 30 days.  Add that much snow to America’s most revered mountain, and what do you get?  The picture to the left is your answer.  If snow were sand and Jackson Hole the hourglass, that’d equal six inches of sand falling through the hourglass a day — for the past 30 days!

Understanding the absolute necessity many skiers will feel about this news, Jackson Hole Resort Lodging has dropped their rates to "Value Season" for the remainder of winter.  Deals galore at Teton Village, as well as condo rentals and homes at The Aspens and Teton Pines.  The new tram is in operation, ready to ferry you up 4,139 feet, the largest continual vertical rise of any ski lift in the U.S.  Jackson Hole is going off.  Period.

photo: Tristan Greszko / skier: J. Beal

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