Mammoth Mountain Mid-Season MVP with 12 Foot Base

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 11, 2009 3:20 pm

The mid-season MVP award goes to Mammoth Mountain with the deepest snow pack among all the resorts of the lower 48.  The snow depth meter currently measures a whopping 148 inches of snow.  For the mathematically-impaired, that’s 12 feet of snow.  Between now and Sunday, Mother Nature has plans to pack on another three feet.  Rejoice, for February is looking to be a monster month for western snow packs!

Starting February 22nd, if you buy a 3-day lift ticket at Mammoth, your fourth day is free!  More math: that knocks down the average price per day to $53, and only $26 for children.  Go see Donna and Missy at Steep’s Bar inside the McCoy, mid-mountain station, and tell them The Ski Channel sent you!  Mammoth Mountain, it’s the real happiest place on earth…

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