Simon Dumont Bringin’ Park & Comp to Sunday River

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 17, 2009 10:29 am

As a fan of Simon Dumont, there’s been a lot to keep track of lately.  Recently at the X-Games, we found out Simon is part Native American, sharing blood with the Passamaquoddy.  Among the notable Passamaquoddy listed on Wikipedia are two prize-winning basketmakers and two singers.  Nowhere on the notables list is the world quarter-pipe record holder.  Somebody with HTML skills please make the update!

Now comes the announcement that Simon Dumont will partner with his home mountain of Sunday River in Maine to design a signature park.  Ah, but there’s more!  Eventually Dumont will host an international ski competition that will bring freestyle’s best to Sunday River.  I like the sound of the Simon Dumont Passamaquoddy Open.

Right now, Sunday River has more deals than Monty Hall.  Ski and stay vacation packages starting at 69 bucks per person!  Or you can trade that deal for what’s behind door #2

photo: Simon Dumont going bigger at Squaw Valley, courtesy cedralpass

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