Taos, Tom Crusie, and Valkyrie

Posted By: Zeke Piestrup on February 25, 2009 4:00 pm

Yes, Tom Cruise is one wacky dude.  And no, most of us don’t rush out to see his movies anymore.  But, perhaps, somehow you ended up with a bucket of popcorn in your lap watching his latest release Valkyrie, about the failed attempt by some German soldiers to assassinate Hitler.  The movie did gross over $80 million in the U.S., so somebody was watching it.

Well, if you saw Valkyrie, next time you’re hitting the slopes of New Mexico’s finest ski resort, Taos, some of the odd trail names that dot the map should be somewhat recognizable.  Ernie Blake founded Taos Ski Valley in 1955, and at the time he chose to memorialize some of the soldiers of the failed assassination attempt.  So now, you can fly down Oster, hit the lip off Treskow, traverse across Fabian, and fall down Stauffenberg.

Heading to Taos?  Right now they have some incredible deals on lodging and ski packages.  Check the deals, skip the movie, and slide the Stauffenberg!

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